Counsel's Case Book

Hearing about legal cases can be pretty boring for those not directly involved (ask my wife- it's not all like Kavanagh QC you know). Here is a small handful to get my case book started. Maybe these are interesting, or maybe I am just a sad lawyer- in which case, other sad lawyers please read on. Please note that any case will depend upon its special facts and the law may change over time so that these pages are no guide to what may apply in other cases, even if they seem the same.


(1) The case of the personal registration number which nearly got away (in which equitable relief was granted)
(2) The strange case of the "ownerless" vehicle
(3) A case on limitation periods (Court of Appeal) (probably of interest only to personal injury lawyers)
(4) A case concerning an employed surveyor's duty of care (Merrett -v- Babb [2001] 3 WLR 1. The Times 2 March 2001, Court of Appeal)
(5) "The law is not made by boat owners"
(6) Property owners beware, or, when is a door not a door?
(7) Can a person recover damages for mental distress caused by a mistaken belief that they have been poisoned? (High Court Appeal)