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Overview of a barrister's work in contract and commercial cases

Academically, contract and commercial law demands an objective, analytical approach, however, a practising lawyer must also bear in mind the unique practical needs of any given client. A solicitor dealing with a case in its early stages will usually need to concentrate in detail upon the practical issues, and it frequently happens that the underlying legal position becomes increasingly less obvious as the case develops.

As well as being briefed to present the case in court, a barrister will often be instructed at an intermediate stage in contract and commercial cases in order to provide a fresh and objective assessment of the legal and evidential issues and to suggest any further steps which might usefully be taken to provide for the most advantageous presentation of the client's case in court. The barrister's knowledge of the law is especially important in such cases and it will sometimes be necessary to undertake extensive legal research.

My practice

My practice covers a range of contract law and related commercial work with some emphasis on disputes over the technical specification of goods and services.

Typical examples include:
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